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  • Digital Keypad Lock
  • Door Knobs
  • Door Panel Removal
  • Flexible Flashlight
  • Light HPC-FAL
  • Security Door Lock Cylinders
  • The Fishing Pole
  • Window crank
Window cranks held by clips need to be removed using a window crank tool. Removing the window crank without damage is nearly impossible without this tool.To remove more »
Insert the end of the door panel trim tool through the back side edge of the door panel trim to the underside of the retaining pin and more »
When you’re working under the hood, a flashlight with a rigid yet flexible extension will light up small, hidden places to help you perform your work more more »
Add an extra layer of security to your business with a digital keypad lock. These well-made locks come in different sizes so one of the varieties is more »
“The fishing pole” tool will come in handy if you ever lock yourself out of your car. This useful tool can unlock door locks to help you more »
Security door lock cylinders are safer than regular lock cylinders because they prevent break-ins by picking the lock and other methods. In addition, only certain keys can more »
Most homes have keyed entry door knobs on the doors to enter the home. These types of door knobs can only be opened from the outside with more »
An LED flashlight with a flexible extension provides very bright light so you can see what you’re doing and the extension frees your hands. This type of more »
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