Invest In Office Locked Cabinets To Prevent Interoffice Theft

Invest In Office Locked Cabinets in Miami

Interoffice theft makes for a very awkward topic of conversation at a workplace. Nobody likes admitting it, but it still exists on a large scale, especially in companies dealing with creative and legal matters. However, confronting the people who work with you or around can be out of your comfort zone.

This is one of the many challenges office managers face everyday at work. The easiest solution to avoiding this problem is to invest in office locked cabinets. The cabinets can be new or used, but if they’re in good, sturdy condition, they will solve the problem.

Once you’ve decided to buy office cabinets, the next step is searching for the best options available online or otherwise. This is a big purchase, and will show up on the quarterly office expense report in bold, which makes your buying decision even more important. Here are some important things to consider before shelling out the money for office locked cabinets.

  • Find an area to place the cabinets. The ideal area for an office cabinet will depend upon the purpose. If you’re buying it for storage of work related papers, the cabinet should be placed near the workstations of people who require the access. Should you require the cabinet for a more restricted use, keep it in a room with limited access. In case of multiple cabinets, it is advisable to find a small room to use as a storage facility.
  • With the help of a locksmith, figure out the measurements needed for the cabinets. The measurements must be accurate and match up with the place where you’ve selected to keep the cabinets. Make sure to take the measurements with you while out shopping for a cabinet.
  • Try to purchase cabinets from a known vendor, someone who has done business with your company before and has a proven track record. If you can find an existing vendor who can sell the cabinets on terms, opt for them instead of paying in cash. If you’re purchasing online, call up their customer service and make sure they have answer to all your questions. Also, in case of a large quantity or bulk purchase, ask for better pricing, you’ll be surprised how low the price can get!
  • For regular office use, buy only solid and high grade steel cabinets. Cabinets are priced on the quality of material used and the quality of the construction. They usually sell by unit or parts that can be purchased separately and later be assembled back at work. Most sellers will offer free installation. Try to go for the best quality cabinet your budget can buy instead of a good design. This will ensure no one can open them once they’re locked.
  • Ask your Locksmith to check the locks and the doors, they should operate smoothly. Issue keys to only the people who need access and make them accountable for any unauthorized usage. If budget permits, you can install a surveillance camera in the room or in front of the cabinet for constant monitoring.

Office locked cabinets can only serve as assets if you treat them as such. Give them enough importance, and they will store documentations that either make or break a business.

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