Florida’s Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles

Florida’s Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles

Along with other states, Florida has been included in the list with most stolen cars. Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases reports about auto theft including the list of metro areas with highest stolen vehicle crimes and states with most stolen vehicles.

The top ten most stolen vehicles in Florida are the Ford Pickup (2006), Honda Civic (2000), Honda Accord (1996), Nissan Altima (1997), Toyota Camry (2011), Nissan Maxima (1996), Dodge Caravan (2000), Chevrolet Pickup (1999), Dodge Pickup (2004) and Toyota Corolla (2010).

Most of the stolen cars are older models which are easier to steal. It is because the most recent models of cars have an increased technology for preventing theft. The people residing at Florida who own newer car models should not be complacent. They should be aware that Florida has easy access to coastal shipping points and it makes a great opportunity for the sophisticated thieves to steal your vehicles for export.

As you can notice, the list of most stolen cars in Florida includes older models. When your vehicle does not have enough theft protection technology, its risk for auto theft is high. Make sure that when you are just about to purchase a car, you can manage its safety and security.

Florida may have distinct condition from other states but in general, its people experience the same problem with regards to car theft. In addition, the thieves may also target even pickup trucks for they appear to be one of the easiest vehicles to steal and falsify identification numbers and documents.

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