Do Cars Ever Need New Locks?

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Most of us will own multiple cars during our lifetime without having to change the locks; however,there are certain instances when changing the locks on your car is necessary.

You car will need new locks in the following situations.

You Lock Your Keys In Your Car

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having locked your keys in your car, you may decide to gain entry into your vehicle by any means. This may include picking the locks, which will more than likely result in damaging them. Now you are left keyless and with a damaged lock that needs to be replaced. A better way to deal with a car lockout, and one that will save you time and money, is to contact your local locksmith who can help you gain entry to your car without causing any damage and thus preventing the necessity of having to install new locks.

An Unsuccessful Car Break-in

In the event of an attempted, but unsuccessful break-in, your car door locks or ignition will usually be damaged necessitating lock changes. Consider yourself lucky that your only expense is a new lock and not a new car!

Your Key Is Getting Stuck

If your key is getting stuck in any of your locks, your first port of call is to find out if it is your key that is faulty or if it is the lock. If it is the key, you can simply have a new key made by your Local Locksmith. However, if you discover that it is the lock that is faulty, you will have to have it replaced. Unfortunately, the problem that will arise when this happens is that you will most likely have to have all of your car door locks changed because the keys to your car doors will now differ; this will require that you carry a different key to fit the various locks on your car doors.

Because the ignition key also operates the door locks, when you change one lock you will most likely have to change them all.

An Alternative To Locks

The automotive industry is slowly moving away from the lock and key system. The newest motor vehicle models now come equipped with a fob transmitter. Fob transmitters come in many different forms and can range from central locking mechanisms to more advanced models that can unlock and even start your car from a distance. In this case there is no need for keys and when the car senses the fob transmitter, it will unlock the doors for you automatically; when you are seated comfortably in your car all you have to do is simply push a button to start your car. The car starts with an electrical starter and there are no keys involved at all.

Although all cars and car manufacturers are now moving towards keyless systems, there are still many cars on the roads that have locks. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to change your car locks, get the advice and support if your local locksmith; not only will you get the best new locks fitted, you will also get great service and the best price for your budget.

Accidents will always happen, however by being prepared; changing the locks on your car will only be a minor inconvenience instead of a major disaster.

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