Chip Keys Boost Vehicle Security

Chip Key in Miami

The locksmith has been an important professional since individuals first began securing private dwelling places from others. Like houses, an automobile is a personal investment that if vandalized or taken away, can leave you vulnerable and broke. While standard keys are still used for many vehicles, the security issues they raise can be alarming. The car industry realized the need to protect consumers from the easily duplicated car key and the basic lock that can be picked by smart thieves. To boost vehicle security, a lock system can use chip keys embedded with transponder chips that make it virtually impossible to duplicate.

Standard Car Keys

The average car key, just like a house key, is specially cut to be lined by grooves that irregularly go up and down the key. Two keys may look identical without actually being so, because a key-cutting machine is able to create tons of variations. While the majority of cars use the standard car key, the problem of stolen cars has forced other options to surface.
The potential problems of having your car stolen lie in both the strength of the lock and the ability to duplicate a key. If someone gets a hold of a spare key for a car, it can easily be duplicated and used to then open your doors and start your ignition. In addition, the car’s lock can be picked by using various items like thin pieces of metal. Seasoned criminals have all kinds of devices that they use to pick a car’s lock. Sometimes doors are left open, which pushes them one step closer to stealing your car. Once in, they can then hotwire a car to get the engine going, and before you know it, your car is gone.

Chip Key Basics

A chip key is similar to your standard one in that grooves line it. However, these cuts are actually made by a machine that is different from the average key-cutting one. The machine uses an advanced laser to insert transponder chips along the grooves of the key. Chip keys can often be told from the standard one because they are thicker and have less grooves. However, the major difference is what is hidden in the key, invisible to the untrained eye.

Added Security

Even if a thief were to get into your vehicle, the chips in the key communicate with the computer of the car once the key is in the ignition. The car’s computer then can tell if the original key has been inserted. It must detect via radio signals the correct transponder chip in order for the car to start. Only licensed dealers and professionals can program the transponder chip to your car.

In other words, a chip key is able to ensure extra strong security. They are more difficult to duplicate since a laser must make the grooves. Also, the lock is harder to pick, providing an initial level of safety. In addition, the embedded transponder chips must be programmed in order for the engine to start. This extra level boosts your car’s security and ensures that nobody will ever be able to steal your vehicle.An auto Locksmith in Delray Beach can help you install it in your car.

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